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Christine Duckworth & Peter Rigby outside school in 1970

Some notes from Christine Duckworth (now Coxon) and who was a pupil at St Mary's Secondary School from 1969 to 1974.
"I was asked to stand outside the school gates with I think Peter Rigby, because I wore the school hat and looked smart. The picture appeared in the parish book, which depicts the progress of our parish. The uniform then consisted of a gingham blouse for the girls. The hat was later withdrawn from the uniform due to its lack of popularity and ties introduced also for the girls.
I remember that when the ties were made that there was an error in the pattern, which resulted in some pupils having the correct tie and other not. The error was corrected as quickly as possible and the wrong tie had to be returned. The school scarf was also introduced but this too was withdrawn before I left the High School"


The hat modelled by a former pupil

"I have many fond memories of my happy school days, the school musical productions, the building of the RSLA block, the introduction of an electric typewriter, watching Miss Higginson walking from the staff room across to the RSLA block with her long cape billowing out, and Mr Hayes explaining his 360 degrees. There was an occasion, in my first year, when I had a nosebleed after P.E. I was waiting in the dinner queue when Miss Reddy walked past.
Miss Reddy then proceeded to help me stop my nose bleed and to wash off the spots of blood from my blouse, from then on I had a great regard for her. Mr Harrison always had a smile for everyone and Mrs Sach taught in the most wonderful way. The appointment of a new very young, art teacher, Miss Adams, was a very popular choice, even amongst the boys ones too the death of the very popular Mr Mercer, known affectionately as Pop, the tragic death of our friend Eric Gough and the fire in the Art block.
All three of these catastrophes occurred in the last three months of my school days. My three girls have all been educated here, Sandra, Alison and Claire. The school goes from strength to strength.

Christine Coxon
Christine Duckworth & Peter Rigby outside school in 1970
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