Pupil Voice Teaching & Learning Feedback

Spring 2015
At Leyland St. Mary's we take the views of our stake holders seriously. Particularly those of our pupils. We believe pupil feedback on teaching and learning is essential to ensure that our pupils learn as effectively as possible.
We use pupil feedback to help direct our professional development sessions which run every Wednesday afternoon after the school day has finished.
From the research we have found that 'academic feedback is more strongly and consistently related to achievement than any other teaching behaviour, this relationship is consistent regardless of grade, socioeconomic status, race, or school setting.'
Allowing pupil's to give feedback can improve their confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning. Effective feedback can also aid the transition to high school and may support student progress. Providing students engage with feedback, should enhance learning and improve assessment performance.
Our most recent Pupil Voice survey was taken from a cross section of pupils from all age groups, ability ranges and socio-economic backgrounds. The results of our most recent Pupil Voice feedback can be seen below;

Pupil Voice Teaching & Learning Feedback Spring 2015
  • 97% of Pupils said that they felt their teachers cared about them always & often.
  • 93% of pupils felt that behaviour was always and often well managed across the school.
  • 100% of pupils think that pupils treat teachers with respect always & often
  • 62% of pupils feel that pupils never waste time or don't waste time often in lessons
  • 100% of pupils think that teachers always & often explain things well.
  • 97% of pupils think that teachers are always and often good at asking questions to check progress.
  • 90% of pupils feel that there teachers always & often make them think
  • 86% of pupils feel that they always and often make progress.
  • 97% of pupils feel their learning is always and often an enjoyable experience.
  • 100% of pupils said they always & often know their target grades & are updated by teachers regularly.
  • 94% of pupils said that teachers always and often make helpful comments on their work and that they are allowed to mark and peer assess work.
  • 59% of pupils felt that teachers always and often set homework regularly.
April 2015
Meetings are being held with small groups of pupils from each year group to discuss the following questions:
My teachers care about me
Pupil behaviour is managed well across school
Pupils always treat teachers with respect
Pupils don't waste time
Teacher explain things well
Teachers are good at asking questions to check our progress
Teachers make me think
Teacher make me explain my answers using full sentences
I am making progress
Teachers make learning enjoyable and interesting
Teachers use different ways to present things (eg: example, practice, reading, PowerPoint, video, quiz, website, etc.)
Teachers give us time to explain our ideas and thinking
Teachers give us time to improve work that we have done previously
Teachers tell us our target grades and update us on progress regularly
Teachers make helpful comments on our work
Teachers allow us to mark and feedback on our own work and others
Teachers set homework regularly
We respect our teachers
Questions are anonymous and can be answered with the following responses:
Results will be collated and posted here when all groups have met.
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