Whose school is it anyway?
Pupil Voice @ Leyland St. Mary's

Here at Leyland St. Mary's we believe that the Pupil Voice is an integral part to ensuring that our school is as successful as it can be, and that our pupils are leaders in helping to drive progress forward at a rapid pace. Our active school council are developing to become skilful in this field.

Form Representation
It is essential that all pupils feel their opinions are heard, that is why our pupil voice begins at form class level. Every September each form in all year groups choose a male and female pupil to represent their class in the year group council. The year group council is led by the male and female elected school councilors.

School Council
Every September all pupils are offered the chance to put themselves forward to present their year group in the school council.

They write a speech that is presented to their year group in assembly. The year group then vote for a male and female pupil who they feel will best represent their views and air their issues in the whole school council.

Every half term the school council, led by the Deputy Head Boy and Girl put together an agenda of items for all pupils to discuss in form time. The form Representatives lead this process and then pass the completed minutes to their year group councillors. Following this the school council meet to discuss the views of their peers.

After the School Council meeting the minutes are shared with SLT and other relative parties so that pupil views and feedback can be used to help Leyland St. Mary's move forward.
Pupil Voice Co-ordinator.

Pupil Voice Surveys Feedback.

Year 10 Staying Safe Super Learning Day pupil fedback survey

Year 11 my future Super Learning Day pupil feedback survey

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