St Mary's Catholic High School, Leyland

Welcome to St Mary's

Welcome to St Mary's Catholic High School and image of Executive Headteacher Philip Mooney

St. Mary's Catholic High School has gone through a great transformation in a short space of time. We have had to take a very close look at our offer to pupils and parents and this has brought opportunities for reflection, innovation and change. Whilst the new building presents a wonderful environment for education, we know that what matters is exciting teaching that delivers progress in learning. Our high expectations in terms of behaviour and the focus on spiritual development for children is very beneficial to young people growing up in a world where, often, there are moral dilemmas.

The hard work which we committed to some time ago is paying off with a glowing OfSTED report in June 2016, a very good Denominational Inspection report in July 2016 and significantly improved 2016 GCSE results including spectacular English performance by our hard working students. Our drive for continual improvement will not only ensure that these high standards are maintained but will continue to rise at a time when measured school performance appears to be in decline. In order to maintain progress we have a detailed strategic plan and you can view the abridged version of it here.

We believe that "parents should not have to choose between a successful school and a Catholic School". Cardinal Vincent Nichols vision for schools, presented several years ago, still rings true and is our guiding mantra.

St Mary's students make an excellent contribution to their school. Consequentially, they receive a great benefit in return. They are happy and over time achieve outstanding levels of personal development. There is a strong recognition among Pupils, Parents, Governors and Teachers of the value of the school's Catholic and Christian education mission. We are committed to it in every way and we are proud to belong to a school offering a rich curriculum and where trust and mutual support are lived by all.

Should you wish your child to be educated at St. Mary's, you are most welcome to book an appointment at any time. We are very content for parents to see the school on a 'normal' day. We offer Catholic education based on a solid Christian ethos. Should you take the opportunity to visit, you will experience an atmosphere that is ordered, dignified and business-like. We also recognise that there are aspects of school in need of improvement. We are restless to progress and even those areas of school validated as effective are subject to further evolution.

Philip Mooney

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