The New Learning Resource Centre

Year Group Pupil Rota

Year 7 Monday

Year 8 Tuesday

Year 9 Wednesday

Year 10 Thursday

Year 11 Friday

Opening times 8.15 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning paired reading takes place and reading club every lunchtime for the year 7's

The new LRC is stocked with over 3000 new books which are being added to each week. Magazines and newspapers will be available each day and there are book displays featuring, for example author and ex-pupil Tommy Donbavand. The following initiatives involving pupils are now underway: These initiatives are helping to raise literacy standards in school. They are being monitored closely by the librarians, SENCO and an Assistant Head. If you would like further information about our new Learning Resource Centre please contact the librarians on 01772 421909 and ask for extension 440 or email

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