Every year the school has an annual charge to pay to the Archdiocese for the upkeep of our premises.  The charge they make per family is £10.00.

Contributions over the past few years haven’t offset the levy and in an attempt to help us cover the cost we run a fun and profit sharing scheme.

Membership works out at £1 per week / and can be paid termly or annually

£12.00 per term / £36.00 for the academic year.

Monthly draws will take place and the winner will receive a cash prize—value dependent on take up.

We appreciate that disposable income is tight, as is the funding provided to schools, and we too find it difficult covering all our costs.

The scheme can be joined in one of many ways.  Log onto your child’s SCOpay account and choose termly or full year.  This can be done when paying for a school visit or topping up lunch accounts.  Or if you prefer to pay by cheque then please make it payable to LSMCHS or send in cash in a clearly marked envelope.

Our monthly draw will be published on the website.  We’ll also send a message home advising you of your win and post it on our social media site.

Families who are already contributing via bank transfers or Standing Order will be automatically entered into the draw.

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