Equipment for Practical Technology Lessons

Where possible we are trying to ensure that our pupils are still receiving a varied technology curriculum and plan to offer practical lessons with revised procedures in compliance with C19 regulations. Extra measures are being taken to ensure the safe use of equipment and to prevent use across year group bubbles.


Students are asked, however, to ensure that they bring in their aprons or overalls for practical lessons e.g. Food, Engineering and D&T. Whilst school has class sets, there is simply not enough time to ensure that they are washed and dried in time for use by pupils in other year groups.


As per our uniform policy a plain blue apron is required for Food Technology and should be brought to each lesson. Only KS4 pupils are expected to have their own overalls for workshop based lessons. Given the cost, we are happy for KS3 pupils to come to school with an old oversized shirt which can be worn over their uniform to protect clothing when doing practical activities such as tool work or painting.


Many Thanks

Mrs Doran

(Curriculum Leader Computing & Technology)