Homework notes:

The rationale for the homework policy at St Mary’s Catholic High School is to enable our pupils to extend and expand their education beyond the confines of the classroom. This helps our pupils develop scholarship and, in particular, their independent learning skills. Homework is any relevant task or activity selected by the teacher, to be completed outside curriculum contact time. While it will usually be done at home, it may also take the form of supported study/homework clubs.

The tasks assigned to pupils will take a variety of forms and will increase in complexity throughout their secondary education. All pupils will be issued with a ‘Planner’ at the start of the academic year in which they should record the tasks set and in which you should feel free to make comments. We require parents to check and sign the planner at weekly intervals.

Learning at home is an essential part of a good education. Regular homework is important.

  • It gives pupils the opportunity to practice for themselves the tasks done in class and contributes towards improving a range of important skills
  • It builds confidence and assists young people to personalise their learning. It allows children to work at a pace which suits them and their ability
  • It provides the opportunity for pupils to extend their learning and undertake further independent research.

We are constantly evaluating strategies to improve the value of homework and make assessment more useful for pupils.

Homework Documents

On January 19th 2016 we issued a survey on homework to parents. The survey is now closed.

Homework Survey Results and Feedback