National Careers Week 1-6th March 2021


Empowering Students through Careers Education


National Careers Week is a whole school focus linking education with the world of employment to ensure students get an important insight to the future of work and further learning. This week St Mary’s pupils will gain a valuable insight in to the world of work, career journeys and destinations. They will understand how each subject studied in school relates to different occupations and they will look at skills and qualities required for each. At St Mary’s we agree that better informed students result in greater confidence and better decision making.


To further support National Careers week we have our subject by subject careers directory and the Parents Guide to National Careers Week. Please see below for access to these documents.

National Career's Week Documents



National Careers Week and Be Amazed Assemblies


Click the below to be taken to the relevant KS3 and KS4 assemblies for National Careers Week.


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Our Local Colleges


At St Mary's there are a variety of excellent colleges and opportunities in the local area.


Click the below to be taken to the learn more about our local colleges.


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