Pupil Art Gallery

Pupils have been working really hard on their art work during the last few weeks, with amazing results! Here is the Art Department’s new online gallery.  Each week it will be updated with superb art work from different year groups.

Year 7 Junk food title pages:

Pupils in Year 7 have just started their ‘Junk Food’ topic in Art.  They have had to create a title page for the new project.  Pupils have had to make sure that the lettering style, composition and coloured pencil technique have all been considered.  The completed designs have been brilliant.

Pupils are moving on to look at the work of a 'Pop' artist called Claes Oldenburg who also produced work based on food. They have started creating their own studies of his work and have been well observed.

Year 8 North American mask studies:

Pupils in Year 8 have just started their ‘Shifting Shapes’ topic in Art.  They have started by researching different North American mask designs.  Some pupils have drawn the designs in various media and others have decided to make their own 3D models with great results.

They have now started looking in more detail at the work of the artist Brian Jungen who creates mask designs made from trainers. They have produced title pages based on his work, thinking about how to create a successful composition with interesting lettering style. Pupils will then develop their observational drawing skills by looking at section of trainers.

Year 9 Natural Forms development section:

Pupils in Year 9 have continued to work on their ‘Natural Forms’ extended topic.  They are now on the development section where they are exploring one area of the topic in more detail.  As you can see some have focused on animals for their theme, with high quality studies evident.

Some pupils have started to produce their final pieces in a variety of different media including digital art on the iPad.