Educational Visits

At St Mary’s, we believe that educational visits form a significant role in the overall development of a young person. They typically provide opportunities to participate in, and benefit from, a range of activities and experiences that serve to extend and consolidate students’ academic learning as well as promoting their social and emotional development.

We organise many educational visits each academic year. These visits range from short visits during school time into the local community, to overseas residential visits of up a week in duration. All visits are subject to the LCC Educational Visits Policy and Guidelines. We have a dedicated Educational Visits Coordinator who oversees the arrangements of all visits, ensuring that health and safety is paramount.

We acknowledge that some educational visits are very expensive. These can be paid for over a period of time and more details can be obtained from the visit leaders. To ensure value for money, and that visit objectives are always being achieved, all educational visits are monitored and evaluated by pupils, staff and providers to inform future visit planning.

If you have any questions about any educational visits, please contact school.

Provisional Educational Visits

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