Senior Leadership Team

   Mr P. Thompson


   Mr C. Meldrum

   Deputy Headteacher

   Mrs S.Webb

   Assistant Headteacher

   Mrs L. Pilling

   Assistant Headteacher

   Mrs G. Reader

   Assistant Headteacher/DSL

   Mrs L. Martin

   Business Manager


Business Support Team

   Mrs L. Martin

   Business Manager

   Miss A. Bejenka

   Business Support

   Ms L. Coxhead

   Business Support - Receptionist

   Mrs J. Cahill

   Business Support - Receptionist

   Mrs S. Cuerden

   Reprographics Technician

   Mrs D. Dickinson

   Business Support

   Mrs S. Hurst

   Exams, Data and Assessment

   Mr D. Orme

   IT Network Manager

   Mr C. Elliott

   IT Technician

   Mrs M. Owens

   Headteacher's PA/Cover Manager

   Mrs J. Standen

   Business Support

   Ms A. Watkinson

   Assistant Business Manager

   Mrs E. McVey

   Careers Guidance Co-ordinator


Pastoral Support

   Mrs G. Reader

   Assistant Headteacher/DSL

   Mr  A. Cave


   Mr  A. McCann

   Attendance Improvement Officer

   Miss E. Rigby

   Behaviour Co-ordinator

   Ms L. Turner

   Family Support Worker/Backup DSL

   Mr M. Walsh

   Pupil Engagement Co-ordinator

Pastoral Year Leaders & Assistants

   Ms S. Critchley

   Pastoral Assistant/PGU Manager

   Mr J. Diffley

   Pastoral Leader - Year 8

   Miss E. Jones

   Pastoral Leader - Year 10

   Mrs S. Kelly

   Pastoral Assistant

   Mr D. Booth

   Pastoral Leader - Year 9 (MAT Cover)

   Mr P.  Riley

   Pastoral Leader - Year 11

   Mrs D. Stearstree

   Pastoral Assistant

   Miss C. Wilson

   Pastoral Leader - Year 7


Teaching Structure


Religious Education

   Mrs L. Conway

   Curriculum Leader for RE/Form Tutor 11M

   Miss E. Jones 

   Teacher of RE

   Mrs J. Lowe

   Teacher of RE/Form Tutor 7T

   Mrs L. Pilling

   Teacher of RE

   Miss C. Wilson

   Teacher of RE


   Mrs S. Webb

   Curriculum Leader for English

   Miss G. Bevins

   Teacher of English/form Tutor 8M

   Mr C. Callaghan

   Teacher of English With Whole School Literacy/Form Tutor 7A

   Dr C. Melis

   Teacher of English (MAT Cover)/form Tutor 9M

   Miss S. McConville

   Teacher of English 2nd in Dept/Form Tutor 11T

   Miss J. O'Bryan

   Teacher of English & Drama/form Tutor 10A

   Miss H. Walmsley

   Teacher of English

   Mrs C. Walsh

   Teacher of English (Maternity)


   Miss C. Corris

   Curriculum Leader for Maths

   Mrs B. Taylor

   Teacher of Maths 2nd in Dept/Form Tutor 10M

   Mr P. Barnes

   Teacher of Maths/Form Tutor 7M

   Dr R. Batty

   Teacher of Maths/Form Tutor 8T

   Mr J. Diffley

   Teacher of Maths

   Mrs E. Sinnett

   Teacher of Maths/Form, Tutor 8T

   Mr S. Gill

   Teacher of Maths/Form Tutor 8N


   Mrs L. Benson

   Lead Practioner and Curriculum Leader for Science/Form Tutor 11S

   Mr N. Butler

   Teacher of Science 2nd in Dept/Form Tutor 9I

   Mrs H. Goldsmith

   Teacher of Science/Form Tutor 10N

   Mrs S. Hamid

   Teacher of Science/Form Tutor 9S

   Miss C. Howard

   Teacher of Science/form Tutor 11I

   Mrs C. Lucas

   Science Technician

   Mrs S. Silcock

   Teacher of Science/Form Tutor 8A

   Dr H. Tyrer

   Teacher of Science/Form Tutor 7S


   Mr M. Weaver

   Curriculum Leader for Humanities/Form Tutor 10I

   Mrs C. Blundell

   Teacher of Humanities 2nd in Dept/Form Tutor 10S

   Mr D. Cane

   Teacher of History/Form Tutor 9A

   Mrs V. Schofield

   Teacher of Humanities/SENDCo

   Mrs S. Taylor

   Teacher of Geography/Form Tutor 11A

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

   Mrs V. Ward

   Curriculum Leader for MFL/Form Tuytor 11N

   Mrs S. Brown

   Teacher of MFL/Form Tutor 7N

   Mrs C. Drew

   Teacher of MFL/Form Tutor 10T

Expressive Arts

   Mrs B. Watson

    Curriculum Leader for Expressive Arts

   Mrs C. Edwards

    Teacher of Art/Form Tutor 7I

   Ms E. Fortune

   Teacher of Music


   Mrs J. Addison-Jones

   Curriculum Leader for PE

   Mr D.  Booth

   Teacher of PE

   Miss J. Ferguson

   Teacher of PE (Mat Cover)/Form Tutor 8M

   Mrs L. Riley 

   Teacher of PE (Maternity)

   Mr P. Riley

   Teacher of PE

   Mr M. Walsh

   Teacher of PE

Technology & Computing

   Mrs A. Doran

   Curriculum Leader for Technology & Computing/Form Tutor 8I

   Mrs G. Reader

   Teacher of Food & Nutrition

   Mrs R. Bennison

   Teacher of Design & Technology/Form Tutor 7T

   Mr R. O'Hare

   Teacher of Design & Technology/Form Tutor 8S

   Mrs D. Sales

   Teacher of Technology & Computing 2nd in Dept/Form Tutor 9N

   Mr H. Sharples

   Technology Technician

   Mrs J. Kuczaj

   Food & Nutrition Technician


Teaching and Learning Support

   Mrs H. Shelley

   Cover Supervisor

   Ms T. Hryziuk

   Cover Supervisor

   Mrs M. Salmon

   Higher Level Teaching Assistant

   Mrs M. Santarcangelo

   Teaching Assistant

   Mrs M. Chamley

   Teaching Assistant

   Mrs H. Crowder

   Teaching Assistant

   Mrs G. Gallimore

   Teaching Assistant

   Mrs V. Lawson

   Teaching Assistant

   Mrs S. McMahon

   Teaching Assistant

   Mrs E.  Moss

   Teaching Assistant

   Mr T. Murphy

   Reading Lead Teacher

   Mr M. Parreno-Pinol

   Teaching Assistant


Premises Team

   Mr G. Craig

   Site Supervisor am shift


  Site Supervisor pm shift

   Mrs Gregson


   Miss McDonough


   Miss McDonough


   Mrs McDonough


   Miss Ozola


   Mrs Reynolds


   Mrs Rose


   Ms Rowley


   Mrs Taylor