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St Mary's Catholic High School has gone through a great transformation in a short space of time. The necessity to reflect, innovate and change has brought about high performance, sustained progress and a desire among all stakeholders to become the very best that we can be. Whilst the building presents a wonderful environment for education, we know that what really matters is exciting teaching that delivers progress in learning. We have unequivocal high expectations in terms of behaviour and our focus on spiritual development for children is very beneficial to young people growing up in a rapidly changing world.


Y11 Mock Exam Timetable Dec. 2020

Wednesday 25 November

Dear Parent / Carer, 

Please find attached the revised Y11 mock exam timetable. Please note that exams now start on Friday 4th December.  


Many thanks,  

Sandra Hurst

Examinations & Assessment Officer

Centre No. 46715

Year 10 & 11 Personal Statement & College Application Suppor...

Tuesday 24 November

Dear Parents / Carers,

Due to the volume of pupils now self-isolating, the Personal Statement/Post 16 Application Support session which was planned to take place after school on Wednesday 25th November, will now take place remotely. 

If your child wishes to benefit from this support with their personal statement or college application, please email Mrs Halliwell (careers@lsmchs.com) the school Careers Advisor, to arrange a virtual zoom meeting or phone call. You will then be sent a link to a virtual meeting or a time slot for a phone call appointment. This session had been due to take place between 3-4pm, so it is likely that the meetings will be during this time. Offering support in this way means that the support is tailored to your child's needs.

Alternatively, if you require a 1-1 Careers Advice, Information & Guidance, (CAIG), interview, please email your interest to the same email address. These interviews will take place on a different time and day to be arranged.

Kind Regards

Mrs Halliwell

Good practice for virtual meetings Environment

  • Be aware of your surroundings and background
  • If using video, check lighting and quality of audio from your microphone
  • Be aware of and limit noise in your environment – e.g. pets, kettles, domestic appliances etc
  • For better audio quality, use a headset rather than the microphone built-in to your device
  • Check what is visible on noticeboards, calendars, and family photos or ‘blur’ background
  • If using a laptop, consider raising it so that you are looking directly into the screen
  • Don’t conduct meetings from your or your client’s bedrooms
  • Set expectations on appropriate dress for you and your client in meetings - no nightwear or revealing clothing, please dress appropriately.
  • Consider who else might be able to hear what you are saying and see your broadcast 

Pedestrian safety theatre presentation

Tuesday 24 November

Dear Parent / Carer, 

On behalf of Lancashire County Council, the fantastic Pedestrian Safety theatre presentation 'Streetwise' will be performed to all our year 7 and 8 pupils during lesson five on Wednesday, 25th November. 

The presentation is funded by LCC due to the high level of incidents for this age group in the county, with the ambition of raising awareness and reducing the accidents. This is part of St Mary’s aspiration to educate our pupils in knowing how to keep themselves safe and free from harm. This year the engaging presentation will be delivered remotely via MS Teams. It focuses on the potential consequences of lapses in concentration and risk-taking behaviour around roads (such as using phones and listening to music, as well as 'messing about' with friends). “Streetwise” is designed to highlight the risks and consequences facing young people as they take responsibility for their own safety as a pedestrian.  The theatre performance highlights a series of risks that all in the audience can recognise and the project then enables the audience to explore the consequences of risk taking behaviour around roads and agree ways of keeping themselves and their friends safe. There is time to discuss what the pupils have just seen and check that all the learning points have been fully understood at the end. 

I’m sure you will agree that this is a very worthwhile and important addition to our PSHCEE curriculum. It would be useful if you could discuss the performance with your child and reinforce the very valuable messages. 

Many thanks for your support. 

Mrs L Pilling

Assistant Head Teacher

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