Where to go to access support in school:


Students are be able to speak with their Learning Mentor and any other member of staff they feel comfortable in talking too.


Other key members of staff are

Year 7 Pastoral Leader - Mrs Wilson: C.Wilson@lsmchs.com

Year 8 Pastoral Leader - Mrs Riley: L.Riley@lsmchs.com

Year 9 Pastoral Leader - Mrs Drew: C.Drew@lsmchs.com

Year 10 Pastoral Leader - Mr Riley: P.Riley@lsmchs.com

Year 11 Pastoral Leader - Mr Diffley: J.Diffley@lsmchs.com

Year 7/8 Pastoral Assistant - Miss Kelly: S.Kelly@lsmchs.com

Year 9 Pastoral Assistant - Mrs Critchley: S.Critchley@lsmchs.com

Year 10/11 Pastoral Assistant - Mrs Stearstree: D.Stearstree@lsmchs.com

Assistant Headteacher/DSL - Mrs Reader: G.Reader@lsmchs.com

Children & Family Support Lead/Backup DSL - Miss Turner: L.Turner@lsmchs.com

Internal Exclusion - Mr Best: S.Best@lsmchs.com

Attendance Manager - Mrs Burns: D.Burns@lsmchs.com

Managed Moves & Pupil Engagement Co-ordinator - Mr Walsh: M.Walsh@lsmchs.com

Chaplain - Mr Cave - A.Cave@lsmchs.com

Learning Mentor - Mrs Lawson - V.Lawson@lsmchs.com