Applying for place at our school during the school year (In-Year Admissions)

In Year Admissions are admissions to school which take place outside the normal admissions rounds. 

If you are new to the area and require a school place or if you already reside in the area and you want to move your child from their current local school to our school, your application should be made directly to our school and the child will be admitted where there are available places. 


Applying for a place with us

To apply for a place, please complete our In-Year Admissions form and return to

In-Year Admissions Docs

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If you wish to have your admission request considered against that school's faith/denomination criteria then you should ALSO complete the Supplementary Information Form

If you have any questions in relation to in-year admissions, please contact us either by email at or by phone on 01772 421909.  

Your application will be acknowledged upon receipt and we will advise you of the outcome within maximum of 15 school days.

Where places are available but we have more applications than places, the published oversubscription criteria will be applied, to ensure the correct child/children are offered the places.

If there are no places available, the child will be added to the waiting list and you have the right of appeal.   Please see below for appeal information. Please note, that the waiting list does NOT guarantee a place at our school and if your child is currently not in education you should either make an appeal to our school and/or apply for a place at an alternative school. 

Further information on how to apply for a local school can be found on the Lancashire County Council website: