Pupils at St Mary’s experience a broad and engaging curriculum in a safe and caring environment. Pupils study with friends whose company they value and teachers they trust and respect. Friendship is the foundation of a happy life. Bullying and unkindness, whilst never absent in any school, are dealt with firmly, sensitively and swiftly. The most recent OFSTED report and several other external verifications note minimal disruption to learning as well as the very positive learning culture. Through tolerance and respect, boys and girls make friendships for life, building confidence and assisting their learning.

School is a place for work, and we make it clear to pupils that this starts straight away in Year 7. It is also a place for enjoyment; somewhere to learn and somewhere to grow. Our challenge is to prepare today’s young people for an uncertain world. We see education as a gift and so we must provide our pupils with experiences and memories that engender within them a love of learning that will stay with them long after they have left school.

It is our commitment that all pupils will be provided with the best possible learning opportunities, regardless of ability. We treat all pupils equally and understand that their educational needs differ greatly. All teaching groups and pupils present their own special challenges and range of abilities. As educators, it is our aim to utilise strategies which will enable all pupils to achieve their potential as much as possible. It is easier to achieve this when teaching is linked to specific educational needs. Some pupils have a very high level of ability, understanding and creativity within a particular subject or across the curriculum. These pupils are entitled to extended stimulus and challenges. It is our intention to meet their needs as effectively as possible.

Curriculum Overview

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As a school, we make sure that pupils and parents are fully aware of the benefits of the EBacc, as well as the government’s target. However, our Options programme is overwhelmingly geared towards securing the most appropriate Key Stage 4 pathway for each individual pupil. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/english-baccalaureate-ebacc/english-baccalaureate-ebacc
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Options Overview

Click here to view our Year 9 options information.

External Examination Timetables

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Examination Information

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