Ethos and Mission statement

Our Mission is to educate the young people entrusted to our care in the Catholic, Christian way that ensures that each one is valued and cared for and achieves the best of which they are capable.


St Mary’s is proud to provide a Catholic education for all our young people. We recognise each child is a child of God, and this helps us to ensure we always strive to provide the very best for each of our pupils. Our Catholic faith influences all the work within school as we endeavour to follow the Gospel values of love, peace and forgiveness.

We fulfil our Mission statement in a great number of different ways, through the curriculum we offer, the pastoral system we have in place and through the many enrichment activities offered to pupils. We aim to build the community of St Mary’s as an embodiment of the Catholic Church, present in the pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider parish communities who gather in a variety of ways and are Christ’s body, present in this school. Through our collective worship we pray that St Mary’s School will become a truly Catholic and Christian community with Christ at its centre.

Our mission is summarised as ‘Let Your Light Shine’. All at St Mary’s understand that this is our aim – allowing the gifts and talents bestowed on us by God, to be given the opportunity to shine brightly for the duration of our time at St Mary’s and beyond!