Helping to make the Internet a great and safe place for children!

Use of the Internet and new technologies are encouraged. It is a huge bank of educational resources, communication is made easy and anyone can become a publisher on the web. The possibilities are endless!

Whilst parents mainly use the Internet for web research and e-mail, young people are using it mainly for interactive chat, instant messenger (IM), music, games and social networking. Parents use the web mainly for 'downloading' information, whilst children are commonly using it for 'uploading' information. All of which could potentially put your child in danger if the correct supervision, monitoring and filtering systems are not in place.

So what are the main dangers?

  • Not all information on the Internet is accurate - are your children being incorrectly educated?
  • Viruses
  • Illegal copying and downloading of music
  • Unsuitable material - pornography, violence, racism etc.
  • Harassment and stalking
  • Threats and intimidation
  • Bullying
  • Identity Theft
  • Public posting of private information and images
  • Manipulation

e-Safety what can you do?

Educate your child on e-safety and provide a list of guidelines and expectations for what you believe is acceptable behaviour, e.g.:

  • Do not give out personal details
  • Do not post photographs
  • Do not talk to people you do not know
  • Never arrange to meet anyone
  • Suitable usage
  • Ensure the correct security settings are in place

In addition:

  • Keep the computer in a family room
  • Check the settings of social networking sites to ensure the privacy settings are in place
  • Check the history and cookies of your computer
  • Encourage your child to inform you of any unsuitable material found
  • Monitor changes in behaviour
  • Report any unsuitable content/behaviour to the relevant organisations

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