Personal statement writing frame


Date of Birth: 

Occupation / training course you are applying for: 

  • Paragraph one – Introduce yourself and state the specific job / course you are interested in. Explain your interest in that particular job / course. Why do you want to do it or study it?  Give as many good reasons as possible, including the skills you have in this particular area and any experience you may have. 
  • Paragraph two – What general work experience / positions of responsibility have you had / do you have? Babysitting and paper rounds count here, as well as any voluntary work such as looking after family members. 
  • Paragraph three – What awards / certificates / representative honours have you achieved? 
  • Paragraph four – Explain the type of person you are and your personal qualities g. reliable, trustworthy, punctual, caring, friendly, hard working etc. 
  • Paragraph five – Explain your other hobbies and interests to show you are a rounded person. 
  • Final paragraph – Thank them for taking the time to read your personal statement and conclude, stating how you hope that you are successful in getting this job / a place on this course.  
  • Sign off with your full name.

Your personal statement must be: 

  1. No more than one sheet of A4 paper
  2. Typed & printed out on fresh clean paper
  3. Handed to your form tutor no later than 6th January 2023

Do not delete your personal statement as once you have received your feedback you can amend it appropriately and keep it to use for college / apprenticeship application in Year 11.