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Remember the purpose of this template is to guide you through structuring your CV, covering sections such as your personal statement, grades and interests. Therefore, make sure you don’t copy the bullets word-for-word.

Detail soft skills you’ve picked up from school

We recommend focusing on soft skills you’ve developed from your time in education. Soft skills, or ‘transferable skills’, are skills used in all industries and day-to-day life, such as organisation and communication.

You may have built your organisation by studying for your exams, or perhaps you developed communication skills by reviewing coursework with your teachers. These are skills all jobs require, so you can get ahead by mentioning soft skills in connection with your time at school.

Focus on results

Our next tip for success is to focus on school results in your CV. Many school-leaver roles will entail an emphasis on results and working to targets. Therefore, showing a focus on results will demonstrate how you can concentrate on a task and get the results.