Our aim is to equip our learners with the skills to live and work both competently and safely in the digital world. We offer an engaging curriculum for our learners which makes use of a vast range of software and hardware.

We are aware that not all of our students seek a future within the computing industry. Creativity and digital literacy are still considered an important component of our curriculum, not only to engage our learners but also provide them with transferable skills which can be incorporated effectively into other subjects. Creative Technology forms part of our technology carousel and allows the students to develop skills and understanding of using and developing a range of creative media.


Mrs Doran –  Curriculum Leader for Technology

All pupils have the opportunity to study OCR Creative iMedia in KS4.

The following units are studied at KS4.

Pupils have 2 lessons per week in year 10 and 3 lessons per week in year 11.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 10

Course introduction/Folders and Contracts; Pre-Production Documents

External Examination/Post Exam; Creating a Digital Graphic

Pre Production

Year 11

Creating a Multipage website

Creating Interactive MultiMedia Products


Extra-curricular activities and visits

Please see Computer Science page.