There has never been a better or more important time to study geography. With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation and social cohesion, geography is one of the most relevant subjects a young person can choose to study. The Geography Department tries to develop pupils’ passion for the world. Studying geography provides knowledge and transferable skills that reward them personally and advance them professionally. Geography at St Mary’s involves a variety of IT, field and classroom analytical approaches including techniques such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and fieldwork, which are an integral part to most courses


Mr Weaver Curriculum Leader for Humanities
Mrs Loftus Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Schofield SENCO

All pupils study Geogrpahy until the end of Year 9.

In year 9 all pupils have the opportunity to opt to study AQA Geogrpahy GCSE in KS4.

The following topics are studied at KS3.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

Introduction to geography

Cities past and present

Wacky Weather

Year 8

Chaotic coasts; Risky rivers

The United Kingdom; Restless earth

China; Geography of conflict

Year 9

Global Issues – Ecoysystems; Rainforests/Deserts

Global Issues – Wasteful World

GCSE Study – Natural Hazards & Urban Issues

The following units are studied at KS4.

Pupils have 2 lessons per week in year 10 and 3 lessons per week in year 11.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 10

Urban Issues/Human Fieldwork;

Natual Hazards

Natural Hazards; Changing Economic World

Coasts/Physical Fieldwork

Year 11

Glacial Environments

Recource Management; Ecosystems

Changing Economic World

Pre-Release Preparation

Extra-curricular activities and visits:

The most effective place to experience true geography is outside the classroom. Therefore the Geography Department at St. Mary’s offers a wide and varied range of fieldtrips. In year 7 we stay closer to home and explore the microclimates of our school. In Year 8 we aim to take our students to investigate their local shopping area in Leyland to investigate whether it is a ‘home town or clone town’. Our year 9 pupils in the summer term visit the Flyde coast to investigate the effectiveness of coastal engineering strategies. For GCSE we offer a visit to Liverpool, which is linked to the GCSE aspect or Urban Geography within the UK.

In addition to this, every other year the Geography department offers an international trip to pupils. Previous trips have included Iceland and Italy. St Mary’s is also an accredited centre for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, which is run through the geography department.