In History we aim to provide a secure environment where students can delve into the past and enjoy learning and assessing key events from History. We want to develop independent learners who have the confidence to assess and evaluate what has gone before. The History department allows students to see how key events have shaped and impacted upon the world in which they live. We focus highly on literacy skills and all the teachers are passionate about the subject. The history department has a close link with the learning support department and through these links we ensure that history is accessible to all.


Mr Weaver Curriculum Leader for Humanities
Miss Blundell Teacher of Humanities 2nd in Dept
Miss McKevitt Teacher of Humanities/Sociology
Dr Rawsthorne Teacher of Humanities
Mrs Schofield Teacher of Humanities/SENDCo

All pupils study History until the end of Year 9.

In year 9 all pupils have the opportunity to opt to study Edexcel history GCSE in KS4.

The following topics are studied at KS3.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

What is History; How did the Romans impact Britain

How did the Normans Conquer and control England

How importantant wa the Chruch by 1547; The Golden Age Elizabeth 1 and Civil War

Year 8

Who profited from the Slave Trade; How far did the industrial revolution change Britain; How influential was the British Empire


Why does the Jack the ripper case remain unsolved; Was the First World War a major international crisis; Impact of war in Leyland

How was morale built on the home front during the Second World War; How did the Cold War become and international crisis

Year 9

What does the sinking of the titanic teach about class; How did women gain the vote; How did segregation change the lives of black people in the USA

How did the Holocaust change the lives of minorities; Key events of the 20th and 21st Centuries; Germany – the Kaiser and Hitler

Depth Study 20th century developments in medicine

The following units are studied at KS4.

Pupils have 2 lessons per week in year 10 and 3 lessons per week in year 11.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 10

Medieval and Industial Medicine 20th century medicine; Historic Environment – WW1 medicine

Elizabeth 1 – society and government; religious divisions; Plots and revolts at home; Sprots, past times and theatre

Cold War – Development; Cold War – Crisis 158-1970

Year 11

Elizabeth Poverty; Conflict and Tension

Conflict and Tension 1918-1939 Road to War

Germany Knowledge and skill revision; Elizabeth knowledge and skill revision; Health revision

Extra-curricular activities and visits

We try to make history come alive for our students and provide a varied range of activities and visits for our students. These include the trips in year seven to Vindolanda, year eight to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool and year nine and ten to the battlefields of France and Belgium. Our aim is to allow students to walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before them, to feel the history rather than just read about it. As part of their homework cycle students are provided with an opportunity to develop a project/practical piece about the topic they are studying. Examples of these are Roman artefacts, Castles or board games about Elizabeth I.