Dear Year 6 pupils, parent’s and carers,


I am delighted to share with you our upcoming transition events, which will of course be subject to the most recent government guidelines regarding COVID-19, but as we stand we are looking forward to hosting:


  • Year 6 Meet and Greet – for year 6 pupils coming to St Mary’s on their own from their Primary school. 24th June 9am – 12pm. Pupils will shortly receive personalised invitations to this event with a little more detail to explain the activities and objective of the day.


  • Year 6 Transition Day – for all year 6 pupils who are due to start in September. 2nd July, 8.45am – 3pm.


  • New Intake Evening  - for all year 6 pupils and their parents and carers who are due to start in September 2021. The exact date will depend on which form each pupil is allocated, therefore we will be in touch with Primary schools in advance of the meetings to confirm which pupils are attending on which dates. 5th July & 6th July, 5.30 – 6.30pm. We will also share that information on this page nearer the time.


We have also been working on a number of activities and resources which we hope year 6 pupils will find useful;


Primary schools will shortly receive an envelope in the post containing letters to year 6 pupils joining our St Mary’s Family, written by our year 7 pupils. The objective of the letters are to welcome and reassure year 6 before they arrive. We shall endeavour to ensure there is one letter per pupil but this may not be possible in schools with a large cohort. We intend the letters to be read and discussed when primary colleagues are undertaking transition sessions in school, before pupils break up for summer.


A few primary schools have asked us for academic work so that year 6 can begin to understand the expected levels in year 7 at St Mary’s. Consequently, our English and Science department have produced booklets with answer papers, for primary colleagues to use as they wish. Please note that there is no expectation for the booklets to be completed or returned to school and your child will not be disadvantaged if they do not receive the booklets.


Finally, again for use in primary transition sessions, and for home viewing, we are planning to record a short video each week with a different focus, preparing year 6 for joining our St Mary’s family. Please follow this link for the first video which is an introduction to their Pastoral Leader, Miss Wilson and a tour of the school. Click here to view. Videos will be sent to primary schools each Monday and then posted here the following Friday for home viewing. We hope pupils will find the videos useful and of comfort in preparing for their move.


Should there be anything else we can do to facilitate the transition for your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch. In the mean time we will continue to work closely with our primary colleagues and look forward to meeting you very soon.


Best wishes,