Rock & River

September 2021

Year 9 Natural Forms development section

Pupils have completed their ‘Natural Forms’ topic. They have developed their initial ideas in a variety of different media in their sketchbooks, before completing a final piece. More recently they have started the ‘Summer Art Journal’ topic. Journal Art is extremely popular at present, with many creative ways to create your own sketchbook. Pupils have been encouraged to explore their own themes. They have already shown great experimentation in a variety of media and original thought. I’m sure as these books develop in weeks to come they will reflect the hard work and time been put in by the pupils!

Year 8 North American mask studies

Pupils have been producing work based on the theme of ‘Shifting shapes’. They have created studies of North American masks in a variety of media, even as a 3D model! Pupils have then gone on to look at the work of Brian Jungen who uses trainers to produce mask designs, creating a title page inspired by his style, developing their ideas for a successful composition. They then went on to develop their observational drawing skills focusing on sections of trainers. Pupils were encouraged to explore different media for each study. As trainers form part of fashion imagery pupils have also produced observational drawings of logo designs. They are currently working on designs for their own mask made from the shapes found in trainers, before moving on to their final piece linking logos and the trainer mask design together. I look forward to seeing more work of this high quality in the weeks to come!

Year 7 Junk food title pages

Pupils have been producing work based on the theme of ‘Junk Food’. So far, they have created a title page for the topic making sure that their design has a strong composition and coloured pencil technique. They have produced studies based on the work of Claes Oldenburg a ‘Pop’ artist whose work focuses on food sculptures. Pupils then went on to develop their observational skills by producing drawings of food packaging. They are currently working on studies of sections of fruit in a variety of media, before producing a final piece for the topic. The standard of the work has been amazing!