At the beginning of lockdown in January, pupils were set a mental health and wellbeing challenge to undertake while working at home. January is notorious for being a tougher month but with Tier 4 restrictions, it was even harder for our pupils this year. Consequently, we wanted to ensure they knew of little tricks and tips to keep their mental health and wellbeing in check. The challenge was part of the Personal and Health aspects of PSHCEE.

Pupils had to look at the January Happiness Calendar each day and undertake the said activity, completing the blank January 2021 calendar with how they achieved the challenge. Each week pupils would meet with their teacher online and discuss their progress with the challenge and also how they were feeling. Feedback from pupils was that the challenge made them experience feelings of positivity, love and gratitude.


Our PSHCEE curriculum intends to build pupils confidence and resilience, as well as preparing pupils for their adult lives, teaching them to understand how to engage with society, make good decisions, and become effective citizens who flourish and contribute positively.

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